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Bangladesh WC qualifier hangs in balance

  • Bangladesh WC qualifier hangs in balance

Football Federation Australia expect to know in the next 48 hours as to whether FIFA will agree to postpone or move the Socceroos' World Cup qualifier in Bangladesh to a safer venue.

The FFA have been waiting nervously on advice from the sport's world governing body about the match, scheduled to be played in Dhaka on November 17, amid heightened concerns over terrorism in the country.

Boss David Gallop said on Wednesday an earlier request for the fixture to be shifted to a neutral location had been declined.

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But he said FIFA's security department had escalated the matter this week and the FFA expected to hear shortly on whether they would have to travel to Dhaka for a chance to secure the three crucial qualification points on the line.

"The option of a neutral venue is obviously there. It's not one that FIFA have offered to us at the moment," Gallop said.

"We have initially said that that would be our preference, and that was rejected.

"But in the last couple of days FIFA have elevated the issue, I think now realising that they need to put their focus on it and come back to us and give us some answers on the assurances that we're looking for."

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