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Luongo wants a more cautious Socceroos

  • Luongo wants a more cautious Socceroos

Midfielder Massimo Luongo says the Socceroos need better chemistry and more caution as they attempt to rebound from a 2-0 upset loss to Jordan.

Luongo was one of the chief architects of Australia's Asian Cup success in January.

The unheralded 23-year-old burst on the scene with tremendous performances in midfield, and a goal in the final that earned him the award for the tournament's best player.

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But he admitted uneasiness with his new role for the national team, having been asked to play a more advanced wide role in support of the central striker.

Inter play between the forward three and midfield three is a strong feature of Postecoglou's sides.

While Luongo wasn't complaining about his lot, he suggested either the personnel or the game plan needed tweaking.

"I understand why he plays me there," he said after the defeat.

"I think I'm a lot better in my ability in tight little holes.

"Sometimes it gets a bit of an overload between me, whoever's playing on the other side, Tommy Oar, or Tommy Rogic and (Aaron) Mooy.

"We all sort of want to get in that area ... I'm not a winger so it's a bit difficult for me to go for a plan B.

"But I do this for the team and I understand that's the role the boss wants me to play. Whether he still wants me to play, I don't know."

In the build-up to the match, Luongo revealed he wanted to move away from his current role as a support striker with club Queens Park Rangers and cement his place as a central midfielder.

Luongo admitted the Socceroos needed to deal with long balls and counter attacks better, something Postecoglou agreed with, which teams are likely to deploy against the Socceroos with their controlling style.

"The counter attack is a bit dangerous for us, we handled that really well in the past games and today I didn't think we were as good at handling two chances," he said.

"We won't steer away from where we're tying to go with our football, it's just we might be a bit more cautious, we know what can hurt us now.

"It's a massive learning curve today."

Despite the poor showing in Amman, Luongo said he was upbeat about the side's chances of progression.

"We're confident that we'll win every other game. If you're not confident, you shouldn't be in the squad," he said.

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