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Socceroos say crowd wasn't factor in loss

  • Socceroos say crowd wasn't factor in loss

The singing at Amman's National Stadium began hours before the final whistle and continued well after it.

While only three-quarters full, Jordan's vocal supporters cheered, sang and, in the end, danced all night as the Socceroos fired a blank in their World Cup qualifying match.

The crowd got the result they wanted: a 2-0 win that sent Jordan top of the qualifying group at Australia's expense.

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But the Socceroos don't believe the frenzied fans contributed to their first loss in their effort to qualify for the 2018 tournament.

Players that participated in the national side's last, and only, visit to Amman in 2012 spoke of the fear-factor that struck in that 2-1 loss.

However, Postecoglou said far from being intimidated, players should enjoy the experience of playing in boisterous venues.

"What do we want to do, play in empty stadiums?" he asked.

"It's part of football, if our players don't want to be out there on a day like this, they're in the wrong business.

"Yeah the crowd gets behind them but that's OK, it's just part of what you expect at this level."

Bailey Wright produced a solid performance at centre-back before being substituted for striker Tomi Juric as Postecoglou chased an equaliser.

The defender said he was less worried by the crowd noise than opponents playing for the clock after they took the lead.

"I wouldn't say intimidating, I've experienced atmospheres just as loud before," he said.

"There was a lot of time wasting going on but that's part of the game, much as we hate it."

While the crowd was loud, there were no immediate reports of intimidation towards Australian players or fans.

The Australian government provided special advice for those going to the match to be alert to heightened safety risks.

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